Albino A+

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Psilocybe cubensis Albino A+, also known as AA+ is not actually an albino, but a mutation of the A strain with reduced pigmentation. This unique mushroom develops average to large fruit-bodies with a sometimes pointed nipple on the cap. The caps have a pale creamy color with white and sometimes bluish tones. The fruit-bodies show an intense blue color when bruised.

Warning: These are potent, please try small amount first.


13 reviews for Albino A+

  1. GrandIllithid (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and great product. Good job Wonderfarms, I’ll be ordering again!

  2. shaquille_oatmeal (verified owner)

    2 day delivery, nice smooth high, not too many hallucinations but definitely got some serious giggles going. Great positive mood from it.

  3. asha (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and extremely potent. Significantly changed me for the better within a span of 4 hours. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  4. moongxy (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, quick come up, nice come down. It’s potent stuff – I had my first heroic dose on these and enjoyed it immensely. Will definitely buy again!

  5. Linda (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly, very potent thanks again WF!

  6. Andrew B (verified owner)

    Not disappointed from the delivery, the potency was more than I expected, accidentally had my first heroic dose with the lemon technique, definitely going to buy again 🙂

  7. fp412 (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, good packaging, excellent top notch customer service, replaced an entire order free of charge after initial shipping label oversight. Ended up receiving both orders – the initial and the re-send. Good email communication. I’ll order again. Try these guys.

  8. Unchronic (verified owner)

    Works very well for mircodosing to suppress depression and anexity

  9. Ryanculp (verified owner)

    Placed order on a Friday and it was in my mailbox Tues. Bag weighed up properly, nice big mushrooms. Customer service was excellent will be recommending to everyone. Have yet to try them. Will post a follow up review in 3 weeks after I consume 7gs (my go to dose)

  10. driedcoconut (verified owner)

    Package came very quickly, good delivery time.

    I weighed the contents and they seemed to be more around 5grams total, so I took them all. They were not nearly as strong and it should have been. Potenency was a little weak

  11. st_canuck (verified owner)

    Solid product! Was a bit nervous ordering, but the entire process and the items themselves were awesome. Have already ordered again!

  12. Myconaut (verified owner)

    Albino A+ are a very strong upcoming high that lasts 2 hours disconnected from reality . A little fuzzy body buzz. Than it mellows out into a body buzz with barely any visuals. I ate 2g off the bat. You’d have to eat 4grams to have a spiritual journey .

  13. Chris (verified owner)

    These ones showed up to house supr quick ordered on thurs got on Monday I find they had a more intense effect but took a little longer to kick in I will definetly order again

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