Golden Teachers

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The Golden Teacher mushroom strain is among the most popular psychedelic fungi, highly sought by shroomers and growers alike. There are a lot of many things about the Golden Teacher shrooms which contribute to their popularity.

This strain of Psilocybe cubensis has an air of mystery and this is what makes this fungi so special.

Golden Teachers are fairly new and they first appeared during the 1980s. The exact origins are unknown but it is highly recognizable because of its golden caps with specks of yellow. Compared to most strains of Psilocybe cubensis, Golden Teachers have larger stems and caps; and a generally more elegant appearance.

Warning: These are potent, please try small amount first.


15 reviews for Golden Teachers

  1. Linda (verified owner)

    Awesome mushrooms, arrived quickly too. Thanks WF!

  2. (verified owner)

    Decent ! Arrived quick and did the job. Definitely more on the expensive side compared to what is out there, but supply and demand! Thanks folks

  3. Ecat (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and awesome product…very potent

  4. VantarLoL (verified owner)

    Loved the high these gave me. 10/10 would recommend this strain to any first timers.

  5. musicisbest (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Potent product. Thank you!

  6. AliceinWonderland (verified owner)

    Fast Shipping. Well Received. Legit

  7. Mark Brazeau (verified owner)

    Great mushrooms, shipped out fast and my order contained a little more than I had ordered! Thanks!

  8. theusername (verified owner)

    Good stuff! Shipped out quick and nicely packaged. Potent stuff

  9. Crivas (verified owner)

    Just love them. Very gentle. Nothing too crazy. Got more on the way!

  10. shaquille_oatmeal (verified owner)

    I ordered 14g of the golden teachers. Decided to go 5.5g/person and let’s just say, it was a hell of a ride. Damn good mushrooms man.

  11. KingFly (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 times now. First time was 7 and i got more than 7 in the package and second time was 14 and again a generous over-count.
    These aren’t the strongest out there but the high is great and last about 4-6 hours with great visuals on a 4-5g dose.
    Shipping was also fast and discreet. Would recommend WF to anyone looking for mushrooms and will be coming back myself.

  12. Chris (verified owner)

    Came very fast weighed 29.3 so over they were really good kicked in fast next time I’ll order the other kind to try them

  13. (verified owner)

    Ordered 14 grams and received 14 grams. Fast delivery! Potent mushrooms with a high filled with visuals. Will order again

  14. xking21 (verified owner)

    I thought this website is fake, not only are they legit, the mushrooms they offer over-delivered. I was clinically depressed for 2 years, spending most days in bed without anti-depressants working. About 2gs of golden teachers relieved my symptoms on day 1. I am so thankful for wonderfarms!

  15. (verified owner)

    Amazing! Fast delivery. Great for beginners. Helped my depression a lot as well!

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